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    Camoplast Solideal is the worlds leading manufacturer of Solid, Industrial, Pneumatic Tyres and Rubber Tracks.

    Originally established in 1942 as Heung - A Tire, Nexen Tire has over 60 years of tradition as a respected leader in the tire industry. Acknowledged as Korea’s first tire company, they first began car tire production in 1956. Nexen Tire has sprung as a true global business that has about 205 dealers in 130 countries in the world.

    Triangle produces over 700 kinds of radial tires in more than 160 sizes, and manufactures nearly 400 types of bias tires in more than 100 sizes.

    Nankang Rubber Tire is a major tire factory in Taiwan boasting of the longest history, leading the industry in quality, reputation, and research & development and production capabilities, a Company commended by clients and industrial players from home and abroad.

    Sayan Truck Radials addresses diverse requirements of many countries through its top quality production, size range and strong customer support. Al Saeedi holds distribution rights for this Chinese brands across the GCC.

    AUFINE produces a wide range of tires to meet your trucking requirements, which are superior quality, combining superior safety with mileage resulting in cost savings over the whole tire life.

    Truck & Bus Radial Tyres